Sampada Creations

Residential Space Planning in Hoodi, Whitefield

How We Design the Layout of the Room

  • We study the structure of the room and understand the lighting and focal points of the room keeping in mind the windows, doors, light sources etc as the eye of the observer first falls on the focal points which set the first view of the room.
  • We define the overall area of the room and study which layout is best suited for your room as well as according to your need.
  • While designing the layout of the room we keep in mind the furniture that will later fill up the room and the activities that will happen in the room as we do not want to the room to look overfilled as well as underfilled.
  • Plan your furniture setting with you keeping in mind every prospect of the future as well as the beauty of the room
  • Ensure a free pathway with minimal risks especially for pets and small children.
  • In large spaces divide the area into different zones suited for different activities.
  • Plan an effective lighting and decoration setting so that the room not only looks well lit and decorated but also spacious and welcoming
  • If the room is small we keep in mind the space of the room and design types of furniture and their setting in such a way that the room looks spacious as well as appears soothing to the eyes.
  • In the end, we make sure the finished room is according to the needs of the customers or not and we always take a point to make adjustments if in case any further suggestions are given by them.

How We Aspire to Be Among the Best Space Services in Bangalore

Our team of expert designers at the Sampada Creations make maximum use of all the available space in an effective and efficient manner according to our customer's requirements and our work experience to finally create splendid designs for your room.

Our dedicated in-house design team’s unbeaten and excellent imagination has earned numerous accolades including Best Property and Best Interior Design in Whitefield, Bangalore.

All of our projects over the last 15 years are characterized by an exceptional use of space, value for money and an exquisite quality of interior finish.

We are capable of designing and building entire projects from concept to completion. Besides, we also provide architectural, interior designing and project management skills independently. Our design process is the holistic treatment of the space to suit your needs.

Once an idea is ready, we make assurance of creating a clear open book breakdown of costs enabling clients to consider a clear model of the dream plan of their homes.

Like every element of our process, we cannot start planning your space until we’ve done a thorough needs analysis. This allows us to establish the process of planning out a space to serve your exact space requirements.. We ensure that we’re up-to-speed with workspace planning practices and solutions.

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