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Any room can be beautified from harmony and effortless, fluidity of design when these elements come together. We make sure that we light up your room in a way which complements the interior design to further augment the look and ambiance. When the right lighting is experienced in a room, not only it uplifts the mood but also gives a meaning to the decorated interiors. We evaluate the types of activities that will take place in each part of the room and make sure that the lighting in that area complements the space and at the same time the intensity of the light is adequate for the task to be carried out.

Task lighting allows us to fix appropriate light sources where it is needed most, illuminating some specific areas more and providing specific light for activities such as reading, cooking, dressing, or studying. Focus on areas above kitchen, bathrooms, desks, or next to bedsides or chairs to determine the task light that is most mood and task appropriately.

Interior design is the science of understanding space and their effect on people's behavior within a building. Decorating a place is the process of making space beautiful by using different art forms and vivid imaginations. Depending on the ambiance you wish to create in a room, the style can be chosen for your room. A well thought out array of curtains, sofas, carpets and everything else you need can make even the least of decor look highlighted and most welcoming.

Sampada Creations Specializes in Creating Wardrobes

Home Designing

We are capable of providing complete interior decoration solutions which will hence enable both us and you to build your home.

Best Wall And Floor

The softness of the fabric and comfort are taken into consideration while designing and doing up upholstery for furniture.

Best Wall Decoration

We ensure best solutions for all interior requirements your home will ever need in best effordable price to get the stunning look.

New Bedroom Design

We believe in the creative expression of various elements that are required for making your house beautiful and vivid as ever.

Sampada Creations aspires to become one of the best interior designers in Whitefield, Bangalore and make a commitment to leave a work that will surely leave an everlasting impact in the minds of our clients and later your guests. Our work will reflect perfect synergy between ambiance, science, mood setting and specific redefining of personal space.

We believe that each project is unique in terms of design and details. We consider it our duty to sit down with the client and discuss in detail their specific requirements and vision for the desired space. This process not only helps the client realize what they want but also helps us in bringing their imagination into reality and giving them a perfect home. At the same time delivering the best service.

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