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Modular Kitchen Designs from Sampada

L-Shaped Kitchen design

L-Shaped Kitchen design

This model has two main sections, that merge at a 90-degree angle, thereby giving it the iconic L shape. They don't take a lot of space and offer a lot of functionality. Usually, the walls are used as storage choices.

U-Shaped Kitchen Design

U-Shaped Kitchen Design

This model has storage areas on all 3 sides and has a lot of space for movement. You also get a large slab top which gives added cooking space.

Straight Kitchen Design

Straight Kitchen Design

Perfect for compact houses. These models utilize the space by placing the storage area against a single wall, while the kitchen top and washing area are side by side..

Why choose Sampda Creations for Modular Kitchen Design?

1 Excellent design for your new modular kitchen

2 No hassle planning, execution, installation

3 Excellent finish, and top-notch quality

4 Maximum and Optimum utilization of Space

5 Tailor Made designs as per your need

6 A wide range of designs to choose from

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